Blackheads are one in every of the foremost common skin problems. they’re caused by clogged hair follicles.


These flip skin problem black after they are available in contact with air. therefore the name, blackheads. every follicle contains associate oil manufacturing secretory organ and a hair once we let our pores get clogged up with dead skin cells, dirt, and different things we tend to get blackheads. Causes for blackheads embrace things like heredity, secretion levels, age, improper skincare, and over manufacturing oil.


Unlike a number of our unwanted skin problems blackheads aren’t typically painful. they’re usually settled on our noses, backs, shoulders, and necks. Natural treatment is that the best thanks to disembarrassing yourself of those nuisances. make certain that you just ar taking the time to wash your skin properly. wash your face doubly on a daily basis and ne’er use cleansers that contain oil and alcohol as a result of they’re legendary to irritate the skin.


Blackhead Remedy


Things Needed:


2 tablespoons of milk1 tablespoon of nutmeg.




Mix these 2 things along to form a paste. Apply it to your blackheads and permit it to sit down for half-hour. Wash your face after and repeat doubly per week.

When you do that you may notice a distinction quickly. Your skin is going to be cleaner and healthier virtually instantly. do that rather than irritating your face by selecting at those ugly blackheads.